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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church

Church Schedule

Join Us for Our Services

Sunday Worship

Sunday School

Children's Sunday School will begin on October 1st 

at 9:45 am | Ages 4-12 yrs

Adult Bible Study

will begin on October 1st 

at 9:45 am

Sunday Mornings 

at 11:00 am

Youth Group
& Events

Connect with our youth group! Follow us on Instagram and message 'Youth Chat' if you want to join. 

Here may the faithful find salvation, and the careless be awakened.

Here may the doubting find faith, and the anxious be encouraged.

Here may the aged find consolation, and the young be inspired.

Here may the tempted find help, and the sorrowful, comfort.

Here may the weary find rest, and the strong be renewed.

Here may all find Our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Support Our Church

We rely on the generosity of our members and visitors to support our church and its ministries. Your donations help us continue to spread the word of God and serve our community.

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